Lets talk about lipstick

Published on 5 January 2021 at 07:04

So when someone is looking for a lipstick, often they have in mind their preferred colour palette. But do you have a preference for matte or glossy finishes? Being a teenager during the 80’s I have a strong affiliation to gloss on the lips, very much the 80’s were less colour and more shine! (not least of all, because this was a look we could get away with in secondary school

As an independent beauty consultant, my first question when recommending a lipstick is do you like shine? We have a great range of vibrant and nude colours in liquid matte lipsticks, if the shade you like is only available in the matte range how about a nice gloss in a transparent shade to slick over the top!

For those that like a good flat matte colour, I recommend matching with one of our lip liners to give the lips definition and a base, then apply the liquid lipstick, bloat and reapply. Leave to dry for a few seconds and the result is a beautiful matte lip.

Alternatively if you don’t want matte but you also don’t want shine, then I have lipsticks that will give just a normal sheen. Of course it goes without saying all the lipsticks I recommend are cruelty free! Feel free to contact me to help you find the lipstick that suits!

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