As a young ’50 something’ Mrs Windsor has a wealth of experience in life, beauty, work, business and womanhood! Fully qualified as a make up artist, nail technician and beauty therapist, she started working with make up back in the 1990’s when she used to do make up parties and wedding make up in London whilst working for The Body Shop.

Whilst bringing up her 2 daughters she moved more into sales and spent many years self employed working from home, the ideal thing for a mum who wants her work to be flexible and not miss out on kids school plays etc…

In 2010 she started to training to gain formal qualifications for various areas of beauty and went back into selling cosmetics in 2012. In 2015 she set up a beauty salon in her home and worked full time in her beauty business, still retailing great products to her customer base.

In December 2015 she first met Mr Windsor and in the spring of 2016, moved to Leicestershire to be with him when they got engaged. This meant relocating the business and building a new client base in the local area which she has successfully done.

Married in July 2017 and officially becoming ‘Mrs Windsor’ she continued to offer a small selection of treatments for her local clients, as well as working a team leader and distributor for FM World UK and running an international team of self employed distributors. Mr Windsor also worked within the FM business with her and concentrated mostly on the perfume and fragrances, leaving the lipstick side of things to Mrs Windsor.

In 2018 ‘The Windsors’ decided to move nearer Mrs Windsor's family and relocated near Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. In 2019 Mrs Windsor rejoined the Body Shop At Home where she had 2 great years and build a huge business with 25 promoted manager teams under her. In 2020, despite lockdowns and Covid19 they achieved 1 million pounds of sales! 

In 2021 Mrs Windsor was recognised as the 3rd placed Executive Manager in the whole of the Body Shop At Home - in not 1 but 2 categories!! She received trophies which will be forever proudly displayed... but now it was time to move on to new challenges!

Mrs Windsor  is currently a self employed rank 7 team leader at Everra, working with a team of like mind women all working from home. If you would like the chance to choice join her business then please email

‘Being self employed means that I can pursue and indulge myself within all aspects of the beauty industry and using products I love, whilst still having the freedom to enjoy my grandchildren and quality time with my husband. I would recommend this life to anyone and anyone can join me!’ – Jenny Windsor